Empowering Success Through Innovation and Excellence by Avrupadan Network

The Turkish-German Business Summit in Frankfurt is orchestrated by Avrupadan Network, a subsidiary of the esteemed Avrupadan Broadcasting Group headquartered in Hessen. As a prominent Turkish media entity in Europe, Avrupadan Broadcasting Group boasts a substantial audience, with its publications engaging an average of 500,000 individuals daily.

Oktan Erdikmen, a distinguished journalist and the luminary Founder of both the Avrupadan Broadcasting Group and Avrupadan Network, was born in 1984 in Merzifon. Completing secondary education at Izmir Atatürk High School, he earned a scholarship for Political Science at Istanbul Bilgi University, later obtaining a master's in European Studies from the same institution.

In 2010, Erdikmen, driven by a scholarship, relocated to Germany for a master's program in International Economics and Economic Policy at Frankfurt Johann Wolfgang Goethe University. Simultaneously, he cultivated a thriving journalism career in Turkey, spanning newspapers, magazines, radio, and television, with multiple authored books.

Currently, Erdikmen focuses on delivering daily news summaries on youtube.com/oktanerdikmen  , conducting interviews, and producing special videos for youtube.com/avrupadan. His insightful articles on Germany and the European agenda are regularly featured in Cumhuriyet newspaper.

Contact: [email protected]